Arise O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey

To serve our fatherland

With love and strength and faith

The labour of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain

To serve with heart and might

One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity


Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause

Guide our leaders right

Help our youth the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow

And living just and true

Great lofty height attain

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign



I pledge to Nigeria my country

To be faithful, loyal and honest

To server Nigeria with all my strength

To defend her unity

And uphold her honour and glory

So help me God



WE MEMBERS OF “ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA CHAPLAINS (ONC)” resident Throughout Nigeria having firmly and solemnly resolved to: come together under one united body for the purpose of protecting our individual, collective and corporate interests as it relates to chaplaincy against exploitation, intimidation, degeneration, disintegration and fake in whatever form being loyally committed and dutifully dedicated to the promotion of our said individual, collective and corporate interests for the general good of all, enhance uniformity in chaplain training, duties and whatsoever in relationship with chaplaincy without prejudice to the above used words and the need to preserve and safeguard interests of members while carrying out their duties as chaplains in all lawful manner. To maintain or build a bridge of relationship between government agencies and the society at large for the purpose of providing development of the general society and to promote unity, progress, co-operation, good and mutual understanding amongst ourselves are desirous of giving ourselves this constitution to guide our actions and regulate the modus operandi of the Organization Do this day hereby enact and give ourselves the following constitution:-





The Organization shall be known and called “ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA CHAPLAINS (ONC) also known as “NIGERIAN CHAPLAINS” with its headquarters situate at 1st Floor Annex 1B, 3B, Rooms 1.37 – 1.39 Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase 1 Abuja with regional offices situate within the six Geo Political Zones of the nation and state Liaison Offices throughout Nigeria.




  1. To promote, support and create awareness for all community based emergency response.


  1. To organize both National and International conferences, symposiums, lectures etc. to educated and enlighten chaplains on their undiluted services to God and humanity.


  • To liaise with the government and other non­ governmental organizations in times of emergency, national or natural disasters.


  1. To act as a liaison between chaplains in Nigeria and their counterparts abroad


  1. To co-ordinate and liaise with government in crime prevention, disaster management and awareness.


  1. To Promote a platform where chaplains (corps) meet


  • To reach out spiritually and financially to the poor needy in the society


  • To build and maintain chaplain barracks for the habitation of chaplains and their families.


  1. To add a voice to the government’s campaign on HIV/AIDS and other S.T.D, in the areas of illicit drug demand reduction and control (DDRC) in urban and rural areas across the federation.


  1. To provide a forum and be an umbrella body where chaplains in whatsoever name so called will converge and deliberate on the way forward for chaplaincy in Nigeria.


  1. To establish, maintain and operate skills acquisition center/camps, industries, recreational centers, rest house or transit camps and educational institutions and to visit hospitals, prisons, orphanages and destitute homes for the purpose of moulding the inhabitants or those who have passed through them into acceptable young men and women by the society, giving them a sense of direction, belonging and contributing in their rehabilitation, reformation and re-integration.




  1. The membership of the Union shall be open to all “chaplains and or chaplain bodies in Nigeria” and its environs irrespective of one’s state of origin, tribe or religion.


  1. Every “chaplain” resident in Nigeria or its environs shall be registered as a member of the organization on payment of non-refundable Registration fee of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only).


  • Every chaplain who pays his/ her annual dues, registration and levies shall be issued with an identity card annually as an active member.



  1. Chaplains must be persons of honesty, integrity and unblemished in their personal and professional lives and to embody high moral standards as role models to others.


  1. Chaplain officers must have self discipline, selfless, courageous and charismatic; they must be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually stable to be asked to face challenges.




  1. Loyalty: a chaplain’s loyalty shall be first to God and to the nation in promoting loyalty to the hierarchy of ONC


  1. Behaviour: Chaplains must be well behaved in or out of the Corps activities and must be properly dressed at all times. A high standard of cleanliness is a must for every Chaplain.


  1. Assignments: A chaplain shall pay due compliments to his superior both on duty and off duties assigned to him/her unless he/she is prevented by ill health, in which case he/ she shall present a health certificate issued by a qualified Medical officer.


  1. Compliments: Chaplains shall pay due compliments to the superior both on duty and off duty. He/she shall do same to other superior officers in the Armed Forces, Police and other Para-military Organizations.


  1. Identity: A Chaplain shall carry on his/her identity card at all times.


  1. Instruction’s Last Order: A Chaplain must always obey the last lawful instructions of a superior (without reference to an existing instruction).


  1. Unauthorized Duty: A Chaplain shall not under any circumstance carry out any unauthorized duty.


  1. Insignia/Decoration: A Chaplain shall not under any circumstance wear insignia or decorations not from the headquarters of the Organization of Nigerian Chaplains (ONC) or any other Chaplain body.


  1. Transfer of Insignia/Decoration: No Chaplain shall transfer his/her insignia decoration except as shall be directed officially and approved by approximate authority.




  1. Unauthorized Wearing of Insignia/ decoration: No Chaplain shall wear insignia/ decoration to which he / she is not enlisted officially


  1. Beard and Haircut: A Chaplain shall not wear beard and shall not keep long hairs except on medical grounds.


  1. Surrender of Identity: A Chaplain shall surrender his/her identity card on demand by the Governing Council on resignation or sack.


  1. Eating in Public: A Chaplain in uniform shall remove his/her cap before eating or drinking in public.


  1. Fighting: A Chaplain in uniform shall not fight or engage in open confrontation either in words or deeds when on duty or off duty.


  1. Gambling: A Chaplain shall refrain from gambling and the use of traditional playing cards, attendance at nightclubs, bars and similar places.


  1. Smoking: A Chaplains hall avoid the use of tobacco and dangerous drugs


  1. Oath Bound Secret Society/ Cult: A Chaplain shall refrain from participating in oath-binding secret societies/ cults and shall not be a member of any of such secret societies or cults.


  1. Firearms Prohibition: A Chaplain shall not carry firearms of any kind including rifles and handguns.


  1. Wearing of Uniform: A Chaplain shall not be ashamed to wear his/her official uniform especially when on official duty.


  1. Confidentiality: A Chaplain shall not reveal confidential information except when such information, if not disclosed may cause imminent danger to person.




  1. A good Chaplain shall be fit, smart, agile and healthy.


  1. A good Chaplain shall be sound in mind, truthful and faithful.


  1. A good Chaplain shall have self-control.


  1. A good Chaplain shall not be hostile but peaceful.


  1. A good Chaplain shall be discipline, complementing his superior and obeying orders.


  1. A good Chaplain shall have good communication skill and shall be able to express himself.


  1. A good Chaplain shall be punctual to all activities.


  1. A good Chaplain shall be loyal to authorities and to his/her superior.


  1. A good Chaplain shall be honest and intelligent.


  1. A good Chaplain shall have endurance in all circumstances.


  1. A good Chaplain shall be proud of the Chaplain Corp International and dignify the organization.


  1. A good Chaplain shall persevere. He/ she shall finish what he/she begins. Continuity must guide him/her.



The Union shall have the following offices

  1. Grand National Patron


  1. President


  • Vice president


  1. Secretary – General – General


  1. Assistant Secretary – General


  1. Treasurer


  • Financial Secretary


  • Assistant financial Secretary


  1. Publicity Secretary


  1. Assistant Publicity secretary


  1. Welfare officer


  • Zonal Commandant


  • State commandant


  • Parade commandant


  1. General Appointment




  1. The Grand Commander who shall hold office for life, shall in consultation with the president prepare the Order of business of every General and Emergency Meetings of the organization.




  1. Shall preside over all meetings of the Organization, these include General, Emergency and Executive Council meetings.


  1. Shall represent the Organization at any forum which the Organization may have cause to be represented except otherwise resolved by the General or the Executive Council meeting.


  • Shall be one of the signatories to the Organization’s Bank Account.


  1. Except as otherwise provided by this constitution, the person presiding shall cast a vote where necessary to resolve an issue whenever there is equality in the number of votes on such issues or matter not otherwise




  1. Shall exercise such powers and functions as may delegated to him by the president, provided such powers and functions are in conformity or substantial with the express provisions of this constitution.


  1. Shall preside over the meeting of the organization in the absence of the President.


  • Shall in case of resignation by the President assume the seat of chairmanship pending fresh election or Bye­election




  1. Shall be the chief scribe of the Organization.


  1. Shall summon all General, Emergency and Executive Council Meetings at the instance or advice of the President or the Executive


  • Shall take and keep minutes of all General, Emergency and executive council meetings.


  1. Shall in consultation with the President or the vice president as the case may be, be responsible for all the correspondences of the organization.


  1. Shall compile the annual reports of the Organization’s activities and present same to the General Meeting.


  1. Shall perform any other function given to him by the president or General Assembly




  1. Shall take charge of the secretariat in the absence of the Secretary General.
  2. Shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him by the chairman, secretary- general or the General Assembly in so far as such duties do not conflict with the express provisions of this constitution.


  • Shall in case of resignation by the secretary General during the tenure of their offices assume the seat of the secretary-general pending the conduct of a Bye-election.


  1. Without prejudice to any other provisions of this constitution, it shall be lawful for the Organization to authorize any of its members to take minutes at any meeting where both the secretary and the Assistant are absent or one or both of them is/are present but is/ are not able to discharge the functions of his/their office on grounds of disability whether arising from infirmity of mind or body or any other cause(s).


  1. Nothing in sub-section (d) (iv) of this section shall be read or construed as making it lawful or legal for the secretary-General or the Assistant secretary-General or both to delegate their responsibilities to any other member without a just cause.



The duties of the welfare officers shall be


  1. To head the welfare board and oversee the activities of the welfare board.


  1. To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Governing council.




  1. Shall collect all monies due to or belonging to the Organization form the Financial Secretary and pay into the Organization’s account within forty-eight(48) hours of receipt.


  1. Shall keep and maintain an imprest Account of N100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand) naira only subject to replenishing upon judicious use thereof.


  • Shall keep Organization’s passbook.


  1. Without prejudice to sub-section (E) of this constitution nothing herein or hereafter contained shall invalidate, annul, void or render illegal or void where upon reasonable cause, a member of the Organization pays money into the Organization’s account without such money first passing through the Treasurer.




  1. Shall collect all monies due to the organization and upon receipt of such moneys hand-over same to treasurer.


  1. Shall keep an up-to-date record of all financial transactions of the Organization in respect of all revenues collected and expenditure made therein and render accurate report of same to the General Meeting at every three months and to the EXCO as at when require to do so.


  • Shall make all necessary financial documents available on request by the Executive Council or the General Assembly to enable the Organization reconcile all monetary transactions by the Organization.


  1. Shall maintain a cashbook and render an up-to-date statement of account to the General Meeting at the end of his tenure of office or whenever the General or the EXCO so request for same.


  1. Shall prepare all vouchers and make payments of the Organization.


  1. Shall make all necessary financial documents for the organization available to help in auditing the Organization’s account.


  • Shall be one of the signatories to the Organization’s account.




  1. Shall in the absence of the financial secretary, perform all functions of the financial secretary except that he shall not sign for any withdrawal of money.


  1. Shall assume the seat of the Financial Secretary upon resignation or death of same during his tenure of office.




  1. The publicity secretary shall in consolation with the president, the secretary organize and publish all the activities of the Organization.


  1. Shall perform any other duties that may be assigned to him by the General Assembly.




  1. Shall perform all the functions of the publicity secretary in the absence of the latter.


  1. Shall in case of resignation by the publicity secretary assume his office pending the conduct of a Bye-election to fill the vacancy.




  1. May exist as a life member of the organization, but can be removed from office in accordance with section 6 (B) (iv) of this constitution.



  1. The patron shall in his fatherly posture act as chief adviser of the Organization.


  • Shall advise the Organization on general issues/ matters affecting the Organization.




  1. Shall maintain orderliness and discipline during all meetings and other gatherings or activities of the Organization.


  1. Shall enforce disciplinary measures against members and or erring members during meetings or during any other gatherings of the Organization.


  • Shall ensure that defaulters are fined accordingly or monetary value of such fines are collected.


  1. Shall perform all other duties the president may assign to him in the overall interest of the Organization.




  1. The zonal commandant shall be the head and in charge of the zone.


  1. There shall be six zones of the organization in the country as follows: North – West Zone; North – East Zone; South – West Zone; South – South Zone; South East Zone & North Central Zone.


  1. The zonal commandant shall supervise the state commandant and unit commands within his zone.


  1. The zonal commandant shall receive instructions and report to the president


  1. He shall perform such other functions that may be assigned by the president or the Governing Council.




  1. There shall be state commandant for each state of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory.


  1. The Commandant of each state shall be responsible and in charge of state commands.


  1. Thestate commandant shall supervise the area and until commands within his state


  1. The state commandant sha1l receive instructions from and report to the zonal commandant.


  1. He shall perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the president or by the governing Council.




  1. The parade commandant shall be in charge of organizing all the parade required by the organization at all levels.


  1. He may create or delegate his functions to zonal, state or Area parade commandants for convenience and effectiveness of his duties.


  1. He shall be in charge of parade training of the Chaplains.


  1. He shall be incharge of disciplining of members during parade trainings


  1. He shall perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the president or by the governing Council.




  1. The Organization through the Governing Council and on the recommendation of the president may appoint any member into any office as may be created by the governing council and as situation may arise.
  2. Any officer, except the president and the grand commander who is found by the Governing Council to be incompetent in his duties shall be removed by a simple majority of members of the Governing Council present in her meeting provided that a motion for such removal shall be moved only by the president or by the grand commander and supported by any other member of the governing Council.



The organization shall have the following organs

  1. The Executive Council Meeting


  1. The General Meeting (Assembly)


  1. The Disciplinary Committee and / or presidential taskforces


The Executive Council Meeting, which is the company of all the elected/ appointed officers of the Organization and two ex­ officio members, shall perform the following functions:

  1. Shall act as the highest law-making organ of the Organization.


  1. Shall in emergency situations take and implement decision on behalf of the General Meeting, subject however to review or ratification by the General Meeting.


  • Shall implement or cause it to be implemented the decision of the General meting


  1. Anything done or purported to be done or omitted to be done pursuant to section 6(A) (ii) above shall be the act or omission of the members of the organization, provided the members can lawfully authorize the doing of such act(s) or the making of such omission(s)
  2. The president or the vice president or secretary consulting with some Executive members can summon emergency meetings in case of urgency or emergency.




  1. The General Meeting may, subject to the provision of this section alter or amend any of the foregoing provisions of this constitution except that no such alteration or amendment of the provisions of this constitution shall be allowed unless the proposal to amend is supported by the votes of a simple majority of all members of the organization present and voting.


  1. Shall conduct elections into the executive organ of the organization.


  • Shall  receive, deliberate upon amend and approve decisions of the executive council.


  1. Shall remove and / or discipline any erring member of the executive council by simple majority votes of members present and voting.


  1. Shall dissolve the executive council on or before the expiration of their tenure of office if in the opinion of the congress or assembly the Executive council has conducted itself in a manner that is prejudicial or contrary to the aims and objectives of the organization, provided such dissolution is supported by simple majority votes of members presenting and voting.


  1. Shall on or before the expiration of the tenure of office of the executive council call for an up-to-date financial report of the Organization.


  1. Two (2) returning officers.


  1. Election into electable offices shall be made by nomination.


  1. A candidate for any Elective Office shall be proposed and his candidature seconded by two (2) members of the organization who are qualified to vote and be voted for in accordance with sub – section (ii) of this section.


  1. Except the office of Treasurer, which is to be contested for by two candidates, all other offices shall be contested by three (3) candidates.


  • Voting for officials shall be by a show of hand.


  • A candidate shall be declared a winner when he scores a simple majority votes cast during the elections whilst the runner up shall become the vice or Assistant as the case may be.


  1. In case of an equality of votes cast during an election, the presiding officer shall cast a vote to decide who wins.
  2. The two Returning Officers shall be eligible to contest for any elective post in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.
  3. All the three (3) Electoral Officials shall be eligible to contest for any elective post in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.


  • Where any vacancy exists during the tenure of term of an officer, the organization shall conduct a bye – election to fill up the existing vacancy except where the vice or Assistant as the case may be allowed to fill up such existing vacancy except the office of the patron, the Executive Council may be removed in accordance with section 6 (B) (iv) (v) of this constitution.


  • Out – going officers shall be eligible for re – election into the same or another office within the in – coming Executive




  1. The Executive Council shall be deemed dissolved after the presentation of its reports at the end of their tenure of office.


  1. During the tenure of their office by passing a vote of no confidence in accordance with section 6 (b) (v) of this constitution.


  • If any reason whatsoever, an election cannot take place immediately after the dissolution, a Care- Taker- Committee shall be set up to run the affairs of the Organization until a fresh election takes place and a new Executive Council is constituted.


  1. Members of the Care – Taker – Committee shall be eligible to run for any elective post or cast vote during election.


The Sources of finance shall consist of the following:

  1. Non – refundable: Registration fee of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) Only.
  2. Levies on the members
  • N5,000.00 Annual dues from members or persons of goodwill
  1. Revenue from publications
  2. Fines


  1. The organization shall maintain Bank Account with any Bank of her choice.


  1. Withdrawal(s) shall be authorized by the decisions of either the General Meeting or the Executive Council.


  • There shall be three signatories to the organization’s account viz: President, Treasurer and Financial Secretary.


  1. Any of the two officers can withdraw money from the bank.


  1. The Treasurer shall keep the Organization’s Pass or Cheque Book.


  1. Change of any of the signatories to the Organization’s Account must be communicated to the Bank(s) immediately.


  1. The Organization shall hold its General Meeting on every LAST SATURDAY of the month by 12.00 noon prompt.


  1. The other two organs of the Organization i.e. the Executive Council and the Presidential Task Force shall hold meeting as the need arises and at their convenience.


  • The organization meeting commences by 12.00 noon prompt on every General Meeting day, hence, FIFTEEN (15MINUTES) thereafter, constitutes lateness and late coming which attracts the fine as contained in Section 15 (i) of this constitution.


  1. Twenty (20) registered members of the Organization shall form a quorum at the meeting except that in emergency situation, any number can form a quorum provided two (2) Executive members are present


  1. If objection is taken by any member of the Organization present that there are present in the meeting fewer than members of the Organization and that it is not competent to transact business and after an interval of ONE HOUR the person presiding ascertains that the number of members present is still less than twenty he shall adjourn the meeting.


  1. Any member who wishes to speak on any motion or issue during meeting shall do so with the permission of the President or any other delegated officer or member.


  1. Intention to speak during meeting is by raising of hand and it shall be unlawful for two or more persons to speak at a time.


  • No person or group of persons are allowed to form an assembly for private discussion either in or outside the meeting venue while the meeting is in session.


  1. Any member(s) who violate(s) any of the forgoing provision shall be liable to pay the fine as stipulated in section 15 (ii) of this constitution.


  1. Only financial members of the Organization are eligible to vote on any matter brought under discussion during the General meeting or the Executive Council Meeting and such voting shall be done by raising of hand.


  1. Except as may otherwise be provided for by this constitution, the required majority for the purpose of determining any matter or question shall be simple majority of member present and voting.



All bona fide registered financial members of the Organization shall be entitled to all the benefits conferred by the express provision of this constitution as are hereunder stated and others as enacted in the bye – laws.


Every financial member of this Organization shall been entitled to reasonable protection of his business and property in relation to “Chaplaincy” Organization.



The Organization shall come to the aid of any financial member who is detained by the police or has other problems, provided the problem is in connection without the course of transacting “Chaplaincy” business.




  1. The Organization shall accept and honour social invitations by financial members.


  1. A financial member shall have the benefit of inviting the Organization Members to such occasion as contained in Sub ­ section 13 (C) (i) hereof only once in his life – time as member of the Organization.


  • The Organization members shall honour the invitation with cash donation of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000.00) only. Apart from voluntary donations from members.


  1. Upon death of a financial member, the Organization shall give the wife of the decease member or his next of kin the sum of Sixty Thousand Naira (N60,000.00) only. Apart from individual and voluntary donations.


  1. The gathering shall take place in the deceased member’s residence and there shall be a parade in his / her honour either before or after the burial ceremony has taken place.


  1. Every member of the Organization is expected to exhibit a high degree of probity and good faith in handling money or any property belonging to the Organization. Kept in his/her custody or not.


  1. Every member is expected to give a good and proper account  of the Organization’s money or property that is entrusted to his care.


  • The Organization’s Account and all financial transactions shall be audited yearly or at any other time, provided the motion to audit it is supported by simple majority of the members present and voting at the General Meeting.


  1. Internal or External Auditors may be appointed at the General Meetingto audit the Organization’s Account at the appropriate time and report any discrepancies to the General Meeting.


  1. The tenure term of the Auditors shall be ad – hoc as it expires as soon as they present their report.


  1. Identity cards shall be issued to each member and signed by the President whilst the member to whom it is issued shall counter-sign.


  1. 00 for late coming / noise making N100.00 disruption of meeting N500.00, fighting N2,000.00. Using abusive language and quarrelling N1,000.00.


The constitution shall be amended if the Organization Deems it fit to do so. Any proposal for amendment shall be made by way of a written motion which shall be sent to the Secretary at least seven days before such proposed amendment is put before the general meeting for debate and such amendments shall be approved by 2/3 majority of the votes cast at a general meeting and such amendment shall be discussed at two general meetings. There shall be 2/3 majority to effect any amendment whatsoever in the constitution.



  1. Any member found guilty of this act, shall have his I.D Card withdrawn by the Organization for a period of 7 days


  1. The offender shall also be liable to a fine of N2,000.00 besides tendering a letter of apology to the organization.


  • Within the period of seizure the person is deemed not a member.


  1. The organization reserves the right to expel a recalcitrant member.



  1. In Chaplaincy, our practice is to salute superior officers as ispracticed in other paramilitary services. The salute is a mutual respect and courtesy between those concerned and it is taken by the membership of that service.


  1. Officers shall in all occasion return a salute smartly. When officers of different ranks are working together and are saluted, only the senior officer present shall acknowledge the salute.


  • The right hand is raised smartly but mutually the palm the hand being to the left but inclined s2trictly inwards so that theeyes on glancing up can see the inside of the palm, thumb and fingers being close together, elbow inclined fingers touching the peak of the cap or helmet over the right eye. In fact, the salute should be completed by smartly dropping the right hand to the side.
  1. Any officer not wearing a cap, beret, or uniform or when carrying anything that prevent him from saluting with the right hand shall stand still to attention and face the officer. If walking, he will turn his head smarty towards the officer on passing him and the salute should commence just before meeting the officer and continued until he passes him.


  1. The trustees of ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIAN CHAPLAINS (ONC) for the purpose of the Companies and Allied Matters Act. No 1 of 1990 Part C shall be appointed at a General Meeting by 2/3 majority votes of members present.


  1. Such Trustees (hereinafter referred to as “The Trustees” shall be (9) in number and shall be known as “THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF THE ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIAN CHAPLAINS”.


  1. The trustees may hold office for life but trustees shall cease to hold office if he;
  2. Resigns his office
  3. Ceases to be a member of the Registered Trustees of the Association.
  • Becomes insane
  1. Is officially declared bankrupt.
  2. Is convicted of a criminal offence involving dishonesty by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  3. Is recommended for removal from office by a board of Governors and Trustee’s majority vote of members present at any General Meeting of the Organization.
  • Ceases to reside in Nigeria.
  • Ceases to be a member of the organization
  1. Stops paying his dues, levies e.t.c.


  1. Upon a vacancy occurring in the number of Trustees, a General Meeting will be held to appoint another eligible member of ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIAN CHAPLAINS.

The Trustees shall have a common seal. Such common seal will be kept in the custody of the President who shall produce it when required for use by the Trustees. All documents to be executed by the Trustees must be signed by the President and the Secretary in presence of other Trustees seal the documents with the common seal.


The uniform shall be white upon white, white cap and white shoes. The ranking structures and or system shall be as that of the paramilitary. The operational uniform shall be with a black beret designed with an approved logo. Any officer wearing the aforesaid uniform must have been a commissioned officer with any of the Chaplain bodies.

  1. AUDITOR (S)

An auditor (s) shall be appointed at a General meeting to audit the account (s) of the Organization annually.

  1. The Trustees shall apply to the Corporate Affairs Commission for a Certificate of Incorporation under the companies and Allied Matters Act. No 1 of 1990 part C.
  2. If such certificateis granted the trustees shall have power to hold in trust. All land belonging to ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA CHAPLAINS a condition as the Commission may impose.



The Organization shall affiliate and be affiliated with any Chaplain Body or Bodies or any other non-governmental organization based within and without the Nation.



The organization through its Executive Council shall make bye – laws for the good governance, administration and welfare of its members. Such bye – laws shall be in a booklet form and each member shall have a copy thereof.



This constitution is supreme and any other law, Order or Orders that goes contrary to provisions of this constitution shall remain void.


  1. THE INCOME AND PROPERTY OF ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIAN CHAPLAINS wheresoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the ORGANIZATION as set forth in this RULES AND REGULATIONS/CONSTITUTION, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus, or otherwise howsoever by way of profit, to the members of the ORGANIZATION.
  2. PROVIDED that nothing herein shall prevent the payment, in good faith, or reasonable and pro[per remuneration to any officer or servant of the ORGANIZATION in return of any service actually rendered to the ORGANIZATION but  so that no member of the council of management or governing body shall be appointed to any salaried office of the ORGANIZATION or any office of the ORGANIZATION paid by fees; and that no remuneration or other benefit money or money wise shall be given by the ORGANIZATION to any member of such council or governing body except repayment of out – of – pocket expenses or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised, or let to the ORGANIZATION provide that the provision last aforesaid shall not apply to any payment of any company to a member of the ORGANIZATION may be a company in which such a member shall not be bound to account for any share of the profit he may receive in respect of any such payment.
  3. NO ADDITION, alteration, or amendment shall be made to or in the RULES AND REGULATIONS / CONSTITUTION for the time being in by the Registrar General.
  4. In the event of WINDING UP or DISSOLUTION of the ORGANIZATION, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the ORGANIZATION but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions, having similar objects to the objects of the ORGANIZATION and the body or bodies are prohibited from distributing its or their income and property amongst its or their members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the ORGANIZATION under or by virtue of the SPECIAL CLAUSE hereof, such institution or institutions to be determined by the members of the ORGANIZATION effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provisions, than to same charitable objects.

____________________ ______________________



DATED THIS_________ DAY OF ___________________2009.